Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Domestic Elements
This is an introductory post on how to create sounds from house hold objects.
The next few posts will look at the process and ideas behind the Domestic Elements series.The idea of creating a sample library purely from household objects probably seems a bit daft at first.
After all how many useful sounds can you get from the everyday household appliances that we use everyday.
The idea however is not new.Similar ideas were conceived as far back as 1916 by Italian composers who had a desire to incorporate the real world sounds of everyday life into conventional musical composition.

In terms of modern sound design,i think any techniques that get producers away from soft synths and into recording ,sampling and processing their own sounds is a good thing.It opens an opportunity to create sounds that are fresh,unique and innovative. I love soft synths and use them a lot but i often find the sounds being used on them too similar to the sounds that other producers are getting.This makes sounds created today sound very dated tomorrow.This is the reason that i decided to see if i could create 2 sample libraries purely from household objects.

It could be great or an absolute nightmare,lets see what happened

The next post will take a look at some background history into sampling and the origins of putting found sound into musical productions as well as using the found sounds as musical material

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